Going nowhere, anywhere?

Started this blog 2 1/2 years ago, and spent much time thinking about what I wanted to write since them, but obviously not actually doing it.  Granted, I am usually not in a position to write at the time I’m thinking (since I’m working, driving, cooking, or whatever), but still means I’ve left much unsaid.

What’s basically transpired is . . . nothing.  Just going through the motions, completing the daily routines, not really knowing what else to do.  No growth, and really no desire to keep doing what I’m actually doing.  Well, OK, maybe some growth–realizing that repeatedly doing things I hate doing doesn’t make me like it more or get used to it.  Same as getting a focus on what is important, and finding a lot of things aren’t important and wondering why I am waiting time and money on useless things . . .

What would I like to actually do?  What I think about, or at least write about what I think about.  Guess that’s the purpose of my post.  To at least get writing.  Get my thoughts out of my head, especially since many of my thoughts cannot be shared with others close to me.  Not that I want or seek support or kudos or anything like that, but I just don’t enjoy being told how wrong I am because my thoughts and beliefs are not theirs.  I want to express myself and be heard out whether one agrees with me or not.

Anyhow . . . just having a rambling rant to collect my thoughts . . .


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