Storing Farm Fresh Eggs

With 11 hens, and 8 being regular layers all year, we have an abundance of eggs (until we start selling them this spring, that is).  We don’t eat eggs every day, so I had to find ways to preserve them.  Hard cooked eggs last a week in the fridge, or 3-4 months if they are pickled, but haven’t found a recipe that’s a keeper yet.

The preserving method I found to be the best for fresh eggs, though is freezing them, which I found and modified from blog.  I did find a salted preserving method recipe that allows you to keep the eggs in a jar on the counter, but I’m not brave or crazy enough to try that.  So, the freezing method is it, so far.

Here’s the method, video to follow.

Items needed:  IMG_20150128_170107

small to medium glass storage containers (round works best, and the container size depends on how many eggs you want to mix together)

sharp, non-serrated knife

ziploc freezer bags

vegetable or olive oil


1.  Coat your storage container with a thin coating of oil

2.  Add 1-3 eggs into the container (I vary the amount of eggs to accommodate for different uses)

3.  Using the knife, slice through the eggs until the whites and yolks are well mixed, lifting knife up after each slice. Do NOT “scramble” or use a regular mixing motion, as you do not want to get air into the eggs.

4.  Put the lids on the containers and put in the freezer until thoroughly frozen (I’ve succomed to the temtation to remove them when almost frozen, thinking step 5 would be easier–trust me, it’s much messier).

5.  Take the containers out of the freezer.  To help remove the eggs easier, put them in shallow hot water for a minute or less.  Remove the lids, then draw your knife around the edge until the egg mixture loosens from the container.

6.  Pop the frozen egg mixture into your ziploc and store in the freezer until they are needed.  You can put multiple egg “rounds” in the same bag, but you will want to keep them flat so they can be individually removed from the bag as you need them.  Thaw the eggs in the fridge when you need them.  If you are preparing scrambled eggs or omelets, you can speed thaw them by heating them in your pan on low heat until fully thawed, then cook like normal.

If you want to purchase the glass containers, here are the Amazon links: Pyrex Storage Plus Round Dish With Plastic Cover or Anchor Hocking 10-Piece TrueSeal Storage Set.  The Snapware pyrex has the snap lids,which you can get from an Amazon marketplace vendor.  I purchased mine at Costco, but lately I’ve only seen the plastic containers with snapware.  Plastic will work, but glass can be sterilized more effectively and is stain and odor proof, so that’s my preference.  For glass, Anchor works just as well as pyrex, and I use both brands.


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