New Age and Being Green

Been visiting my old Blogger blog from 2006–finding posts I totally forgot I wrote, but this one has reminded me of some of my recent new posts.  There are definitely recurring themes, and proof that my living off the earth dream isn’t just a flash in the pan fancy.  So here it is, from my 2006 me:


I must admit, I find the thought of being called “new age” ghastly. I don’t have anything against the New Age movement, I just don’t want to be called New Age. Why? Because I’m prejudiced lol. Actually, I’ve found that references to New Age tend to be to the watered down and silly aspects of eastern religion and respecting the earth. My conception is one by media depicting New Age types as flighty and flakey tree huggers that believe in a hodge-podge of spirituality of love everyone and two by my knowing people that are exactly like that. Essentially, they are people that share a NOTHING in the world is bad–everything is good attitude. One, it’s annoying. And there is bad in the world. I hope for better, and I try to be a good person, but that doesn’t make the entire world good. And it doesn’t have to be good.

Now, why may I think I could be called New Age? I’m a follower of paganism, buddhism, and the four agreements. The four agreements to me equals common sense. I respect other people’s opinions, and don’t feel I should judge. However, I definitely reserve the right to completely disagree with them, but they are allowed their own opinions, for the most part. There is no one way to the truth. Abuse in any form or disguise, however, is still not tolerated.

I also believe in recycling, living of the earth, and so on. I like living in a small town, and I think I would enjoy living on our property in the middle of nowhere, if that is where we end up (which I don’t think is happening, as staying in Utah probably won’t be happening). Being a homesteader aka the Mother Earth News is my dream. Still a far cry from my dream of living in the Alaskan bush, which was sparked by the LA riots. Amazing what ideas you get when a National Geographic program on primitive/out of reach Alaska is the only solace to station after station panning the dark LA streets in hopes of finding violence (deja vu?–I mentioned the LA riots not too long ago). Never been to Alaska, but looks amazingly beautiful. Maybe that’s why I ended up loving Northern Exposure so much (which I had never watched before watching that Alaska special). Haven’t seen that show forever–and it’s really the only one I fondly miss when I think about it. TV is normally background noise to me.

However, let me have my internet and my books. I can live with little human contact, as long as I can read and correspond. Maybe that’s what sets me off from the main New Age set. That and I like darkness lol (give me freakiness over normalness any day). I can’t tell you the last time I’ve met someone that I felt affinity for or even shared similar interests in real life. Yes, I know some cool people from work and elsewhere, but we can’t sit down and talk movies, music, or books because if they have heard of what I like, it’s too weird or not their thing. Religion and spiritual beliefs–that’s something I ease in to.

So, what’s my point? No specific point, really. Just thought I’d get a few things off my chest and actually reveal some of my thoughts, ideas, etc. Just don’t call me New Age lol. Oh yeah, that’s where I started . . .
photo credit: Sedona via photopin (license)


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