SWAT teams and polygamists

Anyone remember Warren Jeffs?  Back when I lived in Cedar City Utah in ’06, we had some related excitement across the street from work, a story I totally forgot about.  True story, and here’s a real news story about it:  http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=336288

The police, and later the swat team, surrounded a home across the street from work one summer afternoon in 2006.  I was in a training class where most of the wall to that home was all windows.  We naturally all went to and STAYED at the windows while this happened.  Living in small town Utah can do that.  You don’t care what the danger is, you just want to see the excitement!

There was a tip that polygamist leader and one of FBI’s most wanted Warren Jeffs went into a particular home. No Warren Jeffs, but possibly his followers stay there. Quite an interesting saga in little ol’ Cedar City.

And just days before, we were joking about Colorado City, explaining to our trainer from New York state how the polygamist clans make trips from there to here to visit Walmart.  While the men look normal in casual business dress, the women and children look like they just walked in from Little House on the Prairie.

Colorado City and Hildale are on the Utah and Arizona borders, can’t remember which city belongs in which state, but they are mainly polygamist towns with followers of the Fundamental LDS church (or something like that–they are an offspring from the Mormon church that still believes polygamy is part of god’s law) I support polyamory, and thus if polygamy is practiced ethically I’m ok with it–meaning, no marrying off your 12 year old nieces to your 30 or 40 year old followers, giving the wives no rights because they only exist to bear children, etc, etc. Women still have rights, should still decide who they want to enter relationships and if they even want children.

There are both polygamist and polyamorous relationships that work very well, but unfortunately there are a lot of dysfunctional and abusive polygamist relationships as well, which seems to especially happen with these religious fanatics.  All those in a relationship should be equals, regardless of the number.  I’m sure that’s hard to do, the higher the equation.  It’s hard even when it’s just 2, and I’m not a social enough person to want to live with that many people myself.  I’m pretty disillusioned myself with being in a relationship of just 2, so should I finally break off on my own, I think I’ll stay on my own for a while.

And BTW, totally forgot about this Utah microbrew–another throwback (and yes, it was a good beer, too)Why have just one?
photo credit: Why have just one? via photopin (license)


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