Got a headache? Eat a baked potato!

photo credit: Potato via photopin (license)
photo credit: Potato via photopin (license)

I’ve always been a food nerd and love it when I find healthy properties in foods I love.

This especially holds true for baked potatoes, which I actually forgot about for a while.

As a young adult, I found that after I ate a baked potato, it helped my PMS headaches and the weakness I’d experience on the first day of my cycle.

And I have always eaten the skins.  My grandma always said that the skins have the most nutrition.

While I haven’t located the medical source yet, several websites (including Self magazine) says that the extra potassium, especially when you eat the skin, is what helps the headache.

So, there you go.

Have a baked potato, and put some healthy ingredients like garlic infused olive oil and sauerkraut or plain yogurt topped with spicy seasonings.

After meds didn’t work, I conquered today’s headache with a baked potato, topping it with the sauerkraut I’ve been craving.  I have borderline high cholesterol, so I’m laying off the butter, sour cream, and cheese.  Fortunately, I never top mine with bacon or chili.

I’ll be writing more about food and health, and the benefits of making your own foods!

Do you have any favorite food cures?  Please share!


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