So, How Many People Are Sucked Into a Jet Engine?

Apparently enough people to warrant a medical diagnosis code.

If you remember (or not), I had a recent post recounting a few disturbing diagnosis codes that I’ve seen due to my line of work.  Well, a new billing code standard is coming later this year, and my employer has taken notice and announced a very interesting one that gave me a much needed Monday laugh.

There is now a code for both the INITIAL and SUBSEQUENT encounters for getting sucked into a jet engine.

If you don’t believe me, just google “ICD 10 sucked into jet engine”.

The website Lowering the Bar did beat my employer’s blog writers to the punch–they published this post almost a year ago.  I stumbled across this post while searching to see if I could find actual statistics.  No statistics, but this is just as good IMO.  They do point out that subsequent “encounter” actually means subsequent doctor’s visits/services, so all the jet engine codes are still assuming it only happened once, but you’ll have multiple doctor visits.

All I can say is “ouch” and please don’t show me the video.

photo credit: Jet Power via photopin (license)
photo credit: Jet Power via photopin (license)

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